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Fall 2020: Laskeek Bay Conservation Society

Laskeek Bay Conservation Society (LBCS) began in 1990, as a long-term monitoring project of ancient murrelets and to understand the interactions between ocean and forest. This project was created to continue the work of Dr. A. J. Gaston who worked on monitoring the ancient murrelets. LBCS is also involved in several other important projects to protect endangered species such as marbled murrelet, Cassin's auklet and Peale's peregrine falcon. It is located on East Limestone Island, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

LBCS was created in order to involve local residents, youth from local schools and non-scientists in the work and to learn more about ancient murrelets and other seabird species. The volunteers are trained in the research methods to collect data on the ancient murrelets and other species.

Ancient murrelets are listed as "Special Concern" on the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildife in Canada. They are sensitive to human activities and natural events. Through the collected data more can be understood about the ancient murrelets and the other monitored species, which could be used to help in their conservation.

Objectives of Study:

1. “To undertake and support research and long term monitoring of wildlife populations of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Haida Gwaii, especially the Laskeek Bay area.”

2. “To provide opportunities for non-scientists, especially students and local residents of Haida Gwaii, to participate as volunteers in our field programs, and to offer training to impart necessary field research skills.”

3. “To promote better understanding of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of Haida Gwaii, especially the Laskeek Bay area, by providing information to youth, local residents and to the public in general, in the form of publications, meetings and exhibits.”

4. “To promote the conservation of native species and to develop public awareness of the changes caused by introduced species to Haida Gwaii.”

5. “To support and assist other programs aimed at providing better knowledge, management and conservation of ecosystems in Haida Gwaii.”

Example of Journal Publications:

This paper explores the changes in oceanographic conditions and the affects on the reproduction of the marine birds; Ancient Murrelets.

This paper explores the influence of chick mass and date at departure of Ancient Murrelets from two colonies in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.


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